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Lake Nona Residents Fired Up About Planned Development

Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 3:00PM

You may or may not have heard that Tavistock Development Company has recently announced plans for a Lake Nona industrial park that includes plans to build a $16.5 million headquarters for makers of electronic automotive equipment, Voxx International Corp. Residents of nearby Beacon Park have implied that they are not very happy about this new development, and have even started a change.org petition to protest.


According to the Orlando Business Journal, Beacon Park residents said the project is "against any and all zoning that is currently allowed for this site." It may not come as a surprise that these homeowners are concerned about what this development may mean for the future value of their residential properties.


In spite of the alleged hundreds of jobs the manufacturing facility will create, residents claim that the value of such a development is insufficient in comparison to alternative uses for the space. However, sources claim that this land has been approved for industrial zoning for several years.


The petition currently has 17 of 500 signatures needed. For what we are not quite sure...


What do you think? Will this development create more consequences than added value to the community of Lake Nona?


Read the full petition here.

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